September 18, 2014

I booked Sonia for a group reading for my 21st birthday party. We started with eight people that had booked readings , it ended up that another six of my friends had a reading also as after talking to the others who had been in before them, they couldn’t get over the information that Sonia gave to them not only from friends and relatives that had passed over but people that are in our lives now we where all shocked but loved it. There was plenty of tears and laughter that night.

The evening helped me especially to overcome a personal trauma that I endured as a teenager, Sonia picked this incident up in my reading, and handled the situation with such care and understanding. She kept my confidence , and gently helped me through, I owe a lot to her, it was a huge weight of my mind , she held me as I broke down in tears.

Plus I go to speak to my grandparents who had passed over 5 years ago. To any one that is a doubter go and see Sonia. I thoroughly recommend her.

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