Spiritual Counselling

West Midlands Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual counselling, is a gentle therapy which explores the spiritual side of you, the process will explore your life and your life purpose.

Spiritual counselling will involve some meditation which will help you to become centred within yourself. Through this process a greater clarity regarding your situation will emerge. Spiritual counselling can open up the client to the deep possibilities of self healing.

We all experience challenges at certain times in our lives, family tensions, work or relationship problems, confusion, low self esteem, sometimes a negative experience in childhood can have a long term impact in adulthood, whatever your problems or personal history.

I know you are already whole and perfect. I will help you to reconnect with, and remember that wholeness, so that you can experience it within yourself once again. For in reality we are all interconnected with the divine source, and with each other. As a spiritual counsellor, I offer deep listening, a loving and non- judgemental space for clients to look beneath their stories and old wounds, so that each comes into a deeper experience of their inherent wholeness.

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