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One to One Readings

Teamwork And Business CooperationOne to One Readings, can either be given at my home (subject to current COVID regulations) or online. This involves me sitting with you and tuning in to your vibrational energies. We all omit energy ‘the life force’, that is all that is living, whether it is plant,tree,insect,animal or human etc. As a Psychic Clairvoyant, Medium, it is your energy/aura that i read and connect with as this is where all information concerning you, your family and soul links are stored.

The people that are living alongside you now ,events in your life,relationships, work, health issues,these are some or all of the things that can up in your reading, as well as of course connecting with loved ones and friends that have passed over to the spirit world.

There is nothing to fear here,as your loved ones,friends and family and even your family pets just want to let you know that they are fine , and sometimes they call in to give you a little encouragement , help and guidance.

Please call, Sonia at Psychic Light and Soul to make a booking; Telephone 01902 830825 or mobile 07970732648.

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