September 18, 2014

Sonia I am really impressed by your Chakra reading, most people ‘s auras are 30 to 40% your readings throughout are 70 to 80%, your aura is well above average. Pychic energy 98%, Mental energy 98%, Spirituality100% which is excellent.

You have strong lavender and violet on both sides of your head and shoulders, you were born with this psychic creative energy .The aura that you have around you is usually related to mediums or psychics ,( at this point Sonia told me she was a Clairvoyant psychic medium she told me nothing about herself up to this point )

I said to her “You are the genuine article, I tell you what, not being condescending you are very brave coming for an aura reading as it identifies the fakes. If a medium didn’t show the violet/lavender in their aura they are not the genuine article and truly Sonia you are.

Other people that come along and tell me they are mediums and if they show yellows/oranges in their aura it’s good, but not like you Sonia you are channelling from spirit.

Out of all the psychics out there I would definitely choose you , I can vouch for you and trust in you, and that is a lot coming from me.

Sonia what you have is genuine you can’t fake that energy, it ‘s a very high vibration violet/lavender immediately under pure white all the colours of the spectrum which is the highest vibration of all.

When you work with people A healing goes out from you Sonia to them without you even having to say or do anything, this is why your counselling and spiritual work excels. You also have a fun side to you as well, so that people that come to see you that are unhappy or distressed, you give them a healing,healing where they truly feel a difference. You give your full time attention to the beautiful exchange of energy, lavender comes in and out of you in abundance. Please make sure Sonia, that you give yourself time to recharge your energies as you spend most of your time healing others. A true spiritual Soul who is very modest about herself and her work.” Thank You Sonia.

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