September 18, 2014

Hi Sonia, I came to see you in June following the birth of my twins and the death of my son and it was my first ever reading. There were some very nice familiar topics bought up also a few things that didn’t seem to make sense at the time.

After the reading,I started making sense of a few of these things, for example, you said that my son Daniel was bringing forward numbers 1 and 6 and this was a very strong message, he kept showning these numbers to you on a piece of wood. I said I it didn’t make sense but you were adamant about this message. Well, I now know that he was trying to show me his home, our house number is 16 and we have the number written in wood above the door, he never made it home but he knew where it was. Also his funeral was on the 16th and this date is written on his wooden casket, the day he said his last goodbye.

You also made reference to a purple flower.Well the flower arrangement we had for him was supposed to have a blue flower in the corner but on the day it turned up it had a purple one. I also found comfort in the message that he now has a great pair of lungs and the pain in his chest has gone, his lungs were the cause of his death.

It was also nice that you made reference to our dog and getting his golden colour right and even more intersting was when you named “Monty” whilst talking about dogs ,he was my dad’s dog. You asked Daniel kindly to spiritualy let go and back off a little from his sister Zara because as you picked up she was having episodes of holding her breath and turning blue shortly after his death. T he doctors couldn’t tell us why( again as you rightly said) they put it down to reflux but you said it could be “twin pull”.

Well she is finally home now after 11 weeks in hospital and the episodes have stopped. I wanted to thank you again for the reading.I was able to relate to quite a few accurate things during the reading (too many to mention) and then even more afterwards

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