September 18, 2014

I want to thank you for your visit to my home in Birmingham.It was the first time I had asked a medium to visit and I am so glad I chose you. I asked you to come and find out what was going on in my Victorian home, me and my family have lived here for over 25 years.

My family has experienced various things over the years, you picked up my mother who had passed away, then in one of the rooms you picked up a male from the Victorian era he didn’t like females and what happens in that room, I never told you and we where all shocked at this as my female guests all report oppressive feelings in that room and are reluctant to stay over.

Then you picked up another Victorian gentleman who once owned the building, a solicitor, a young girl, maids, and a lady called Emelia, who was particular that we called her Emelia and not Amelia. I have just researched the history of this house, The house was split in to flats, which you told me and I said no but you insisted it was, you where right.

A solicitior lived here in the late 1800s and Emelia was here in 1901, AMAZING, this is only some of the amazing things you told us, plus personal family messages for my daughters and myself. I am still researching and will be back in touch.

A truly fantastic experience and a memorable evening with concrete proof. What more could I ask for Thank You

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